I Think I'm A Painter Now

Three days ago, two professional painters were supposed to paint two rooms in our home. We were going to pay them money, they were going to paint the walls, that was the arrangement. Wild, I know.

We paid them the money.

They primed some walls.

But they did not paint them. Ding! Their estimated time was up. They gave a new estimate, of double again the amount of time already estimated to paint the two rooms.

Comedy ensued.

Trips to Menards happened.

And now we're on the second night in a row of two novice painters (that'd be Danny and me) trying to get the paint job done after the kiddo goes to bed. So from roughly eight PM until midnight for me and until two in the morning for The Sleepless Wonder, we've been taping baseboards, edging, painting first coats, second coats...

We have finished one of the two primed rooms.

And started on a hallway.

I think this is our life now.

I am no longer a writer.

I just paint walls.