Repost: 10/4

Usually I write something on October 4, because it's the day that I became The Girl Who Lived. I take the time to reflect, and to list out all the the things that have happened since the fourth day of October in 2010, when I was in a horrific wreck. The books I've written. The life I've lived. The baby I had.

This year, 10/4 went by without me acknowledging it publicly.

I was too busy chasing my three year old.
Too busy working.
Too busy writing.
Too busy living.

I didn't say anything on social media or anywhere in the public sphere.

But I remembered the day. I breathed in some silent thanks. I will never not be grateful to be here.

Meanwhile, here's what I wrote back in 2016, which still holds true. Except the baby is potty-trained now

10/4: Today is my Gratitude Day.
Six years ago today, I was in a terrible wreck. On 1-55 halfway between Jackson and Memphis, I hit a deer while driving 70 MPH. I was then rear-ended by the eighteen wheeler driving behind me, which pushed me directly into the path of another eighteen wheeler, which also struck my vehicle. The front of the SUV I was driving was ripped away. I saw pieces flying one way as I spun another in the battered cab of the Tahoe. I felt certain that it was the moment my life would end, and I thought: "Dear God, please let my life have been good enough."

But here I am, six years later. I walked away that night and have been a more grateful person ever since. I take stock every year on this day, at how much of my life has happened since that night. This year might be my most significant yet, as I list through not only precious moments with friends and family, productions and publications, friends' weddings, my own wedding, moving to Chicago, brilliant gifts like the music of "Hamilton" and the discovery of Coffee Toffee Pie, and now, this year... a daughter. An entire person who didn't exist, and wouldn't exist, if six years ago I had not somehow survived a wreck that made the paramedics ask "Where's the body?" when they saw my vehicle.

At the risk of every cliché: Be grateful today. Take the time to look around at how lucky we are to be alive right now. Count your blessings, do what you're putting off, eat some pie. I'm stuck on the couch with a miserable cold, but also a laughing baby and the fullest heart ever, so go out and enjoy some of the other finer things in life on my behalf today! 


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