Quarantine Chronicles, Day 8: Empty Streets and Too Much Screen Time


There was snow in the forecast (because of course there was). So after breakfast, we spent some time writing notes to a few friends and family members, and then we bundled up - even the dog wore his sweater - and walked to the post office.
...it's been awhile since I bought stamps
It's a little less than a mile from our house to the post office. The wind was blowing, and we only saw a small handful of people also out walking in the blustery cold. We all waved and acknowledged each other, though. 

Shelter in place is now officially enacted in Illinois. This is the first full day where everyone, not just those of us quarantined by the CDC, is supposed to stay home. Leaving only for essential errands, and walks through one's own neighborhood. And especially since the weather was dismal and getting worse, the streets were just eerily empty for long stretches of our walk, including when we walked back by way of a big retail street. All the coffee shops, furniture stores, salons, pet groomers-- almost all the small businesses were closed. Most of the restaurants had hastily-made signs up with their curbside pickup or delivery options, since that's still allowed. 

We came home, shivering. 

The rest of the day involved more screen time than I'd generally allow... but it's our best bet for socializing now. So the kiddo had an hourlong onscreen parallel-play playdate with three of her friends while I made lunch. And we sent some Marco Polos. And she chatted onscreen with her grandparents, just in time for a sweet package from them to arrive in the mail. Danny and I participated in a friend's play reading over Zoom. After naptime and dinnertime, the three of us curled up and watched some Avatar the last Airbender.

And all the while, snow was falling.

Morning temperature: 96.8

Evening temperature: 97.9

General mood: Unsettled.


  1. Snow here on Monday (you are almost always a day ahead). Big fluffy flakes. Cold.

  2. Snow predicted for April 5th.......


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