Quarantine Chronicles, Day 1: So This Is Really Happening

Check and report! To someone, somewhere!
It begins. Quarantine: Day One.

I started the day by taking my temperature, something the CDC is requiring the self-quarantined like myself to do daily, We've even been provided a handy "Check and Report Everyday" booklet ... although we have not been told who might check in on this, or when, or what the reporting process entails. But I digress.

As my husband said: If you're gonna keep talking to journalists and become the face of travel woes and quarantine in the wake of the European Travel Ban, you better keep up with your records.

And indeed, as of today, I've been interviewed four times by major news outlets... today I was interviewed in the morning by Mo Sayed of NBC, and this afternoon recorded via Facetime by Kathy Park of NBC Nightly News. Maybe tomorrow I'll do a full media roundup.

But I'm getting ahead of myself.

I took my temperature, had coffee with my mother, but mostly kept my distance; again, I'm sure I'm fine, but we're trying to minimize risks. My mom is The Literal Best, and I wouldn't want to risk her health. Plus, she's frequently around older and more immune-compromised folks. She headed out later in the morning to return to Michigan... leaving from a week of taking care of my kiddo to return to taking care of her mother. She's a superhero. I wish we'd had a longer visit, but am glad I got to see her today.

She's the last visitor we'll have in our house for at least two weeks.

Setting up for NBC Nightly News interview
Always thought my writing would land me
on major network shows. Nope. Travel ban.
I had lofty goals of getting organized, doing some meal prep, cleaning... but I was still so flippin' tired. I took a shower and tried to look half-human, and then did the interview with NBC Nightly News. I caught up on emails, a little bit. We watched Frozen 2, since its early-release streaming on Disney+ was a much-celebrated quarantine gift from The Mouse.

We ate dinner; our fridge and pantry are stuffed to the gills for the time being. Then we saw the news that all bars, restaurants, libraries, parks, etc, were closing (or becoming to-go only) as of tomorrow. The updates keep getting eerier.

After the kiddo went to bed, Danny and I played Drawful over Google Hangouts with some of our other parent-friends. After a few rounds, I had to apologize and head to bed, totally exhausted.

So basically the first day of quarantine was spent pretty much how I'd spend any Sunday on the heels of a 30-hour-long travel ordeal... just with an NBC Nightly News interview and some updates re: Armageddon thrown in, see?

But it was weird to realize that this was day one of fourteen of not leaving my home. Knowing my kid and spouse are the only humans I'll interact with in-person for the next two weeks... and sincerely wondering if the end of my mandatory CDC quarantine will actually be the end of either encouraged or enforced social distancing.

Morning temperature: 97.8

Evening temperature: 97.9

General mood: Too tired to tell.


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