Quarantine Chronicles, Day 2: The Workweek Begins...

Okay, so THIS is what most days are going to look like.

Even though Danny no longer has a commute, and the kiddo no longer has to go to school, we're going to try to get up at the regular time - and all walk Oz the Dog together. That happened this morning. So far, Oz thinks quarantine is amazing.

Then we made breakfast, and implemented a new morning ritual - sharing our kindness intention for the day. Each of us had to share one way in which we will commit to being actively kind today. Today's intentions:

  • Me: "I will be patient."
  • Danny: "I will listen."
  • Kiddo: "...I'll hold hands, that's kind."

The workday began, and because both Danny and I had such heavy schedules (surprise: turns out both of us still have a ton of work to do from home, during a pandemic) and I was still jetlagged and we hadn't really pulled anything together yet... for the morning, the kiddo mostly just played with toys, with one or the other of us nearby to keep half an eye on her. Woohoo, welcome to homeschooling!*

An announcement came through the socialmediasphere that all restaurants and bars would be closed to the public starting at close of business today. Restaurants will be allowed to offer pickup and takeout, just no dine-in. Bars are closed completely, joining schools, park districts, theaters, and so on.

What is this world right now?

Several friends announced job losses.

Service industry folks, artists, freelancers, some stunned full-time folks.

Neither Danny nor I complained about our current workloads.

The Washington Post reached out to me, to ask me if I'd do an interview about my experiences at O'Hare and the expectations I was given regarding my CDC 14 day quarantine. I did the interview after lunch. I think it went all right? I am still so tired, it's hard to say.

My favorite yoga studio in Chicago, Bloom, where I did all my prenatal yoga, is offering free streaming classes a few times a day. I signed on for the 6 PM yoga and meditation class this evening. The kiddo decided her participation was necessary, and looked like this:

She doesn't really understand "social distancing."

And you know what? A few days ago I was having a panic attack about not making it back from Europe to be with her... so I'm okay with it.

After having dinner and putting her to bed, Danny and I each got a little more work done, then he put on The Mandalorian and I fell asleep. (I'm not sure he knows. Don't tell him. He probably won't read this. Maybe he will. Hi, babe.)

I know this post is barely beyond a bullet point list of the things we did today, has no arc, no insight, is barely coherent... but my brain just doesn't have bandwidth for more right now. A log is better than nothing. Good night, be well.

*PS For the record, I was actually homeschooled as a child, so I'm not casting aspersions... it was just funny.

Morning temperature: 98.1

Evening temperature: 98.0

General mood: Somehow even more exhausted than yesterday.


  1. I've got a bit of a log going myself. Logs are fine. It's the practice that is important. Some will spark further development. Some will just mark time. So it goes.

  2. I like “Mandalorian”.......and I have also napped during our viewing.......


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