Quarantine Chronicles, Day 3: The Best Disinfectant

We now have a schedule.

Will we stick with it? We'll see.

But here's the working goal for daily life in Corona Times. An official Family #QuarantineLife schedule.

We walked the dog.

We set our kindness intentions.

Danny took the lead on making sure we met the schedule goal of helping the kiddo complete an actual-school-assignment (all optional; it's preschool) today. During the kiddo's nap, he wrote out each letter of the alphabet on a Post-It and stuck them on objects around the house - G on the garbage, L on a lamp, and so on, so when she woke up from her nap she got to go on a Letter Safari. It was delightful.

Somehow, Danny and I both also got actual regular-job-work done - and at the end of the workday, did our first podcast Spanish lesson before walking across the street to the big open field and letting the kiddo run around in the fresh air and sunshine for awhile. Then we ate a good dinner, the kiddo got a bath, I did dishes, Danny did laundry.

Sounds like a good day, right? It mostly was, in our little quarantined corner of the world.

But also two friends contacted me to let me know they're pretty sure they have COVID-19... but were told there were no tests available and/or they weren't "high risk" enough to warrant getting tested.

So, also not great.

Also gut-wrenching, in fact.

The low hum of anxiety is ever-present, even when patting ourselves on the back for one day of sticking with a schedule. I believe we will get through this, we're doing the right thing by social distancing (okay... my quarantine is also CDC-mandated thanks to the travel... but we'd be doing this anyway), and I am so, so lucky to be with my family as this all plays out.

But how, between Here and Better Times Ahead, is the story going to go?

I don't know - but as promised, here at last is the media round-up of all my various interviews from the past week:
Morning temperature: 98.3

Evening temperature: 97.8

General mood: Uncertain.


  1. Thanks for gathering all the media appearances in one place.

  2. .....and normal was never the goal.....

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