Quarantine Chronicles, Day 4: How am I still so busy?

You'd think, being in mandatory quarantine and therefore unable to attend events, go to meetings or rehearsals, schedule social get-togethers, or even pop in to coffee shops, that I would have some down time.

Somehow this is not the case.

Today I had eleven -- yes, eleven -- Zoom calls over the course of an eight-hour-workday. Remote working, yes, but a relentless workday nonetheless. With my kid and my husband as my new nearby coworkers. In between our various meetings and tasks, Danny and I took turns making sure the kiddo was engaged in some way, trying as best we could to stick to some of the things we built in to her schedule.

At five-thirty, we stopped work and did some Spanish language time as a family. Thanks, Duolingo!

Then we had some scheduled "social time" on Zoom (oy, so much Zooming - I am officially a Zoombie). I did some yoga (ALSO ON ZOOM), then made dinner, we ate, Danny put the kiddo to bed and then he worked out, I scheduled several more calls for tomorrow, and somehow it was 10 PM and I was barely able to keep my eyes open.

This workweek has been bananas. Our weekend is stacking up with virtual events and hangouts and games (and chores and stuff), too. Even though we can't go anywhere, the time gets filled. Which is both a comfort... and totally exhausting.

Or, as my language goal compels me to put it: Estoy muy consada.

Morning temperature: 97.4

Evening temperature: 97.7

General mood: Overwhelmed.


  1. I am checking your temperature as well as mood!

  2. I have done more zooming during the quarantine than all my previous zooming combined.


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