Quarantine Chronicles, Day 5: Virtual Play Dates

My coworkers in quarantine
This is the point at which my days in quarantine begin to blend together. It wasn't helping that today it was gray and rainy outside, and cold to boot; we really shortened our walk this morning, and stayed indoors the rest of the day.

One of the best things that happened today was that the kiddo had an awesome virtual play date with one of her besties. I'm so grateful at how (SO FAR) she's handled this whole thing. The only humans she's seen in person these past five days have been her parents. She hasn't been able to go to her school or her playground or the children's museum a block away from us or any of her other favorite places... and her attitude has been mostly stellar.

We're very, very lucky.

I honestly think the stellar job both my husband and child have done in adjusting to the new normal is what enables me to power through pretty well with my busy workdays. It's been a lot to handle, but since the homefront is pretty peaceful, it's all been surprisingly doable.

I've been grateful in my professional role to be a non-anxious presence, providing internal support and resources to my colleagues while also working on a bunch of external communications and "regular" work. I do feel proud and grateful that I think I'm able to help and encourage others - but it does mean by the end of the day, I'm pretty emotionally spent. Especially since I can't help but try to keep up with the news, and all the COVID-19 updates are alarming, and there's just this low hum of anxiety running through everything and everyone right now.

Which is why the other great thing that happened today was that I had a virtual "play date." For three years now, three of my girlfriends and I have had a regular, mostly-monthly Ladies Night where we catch up, share anything, sometimes go out, sometimes stay in, always wind up crying. The three ladies all live near me, all have some connection to theater, and all have huge hearts - but are otherwise from very different corners of the country (Alabama, Kansas, Oregon), have very different origin stories, family histories, perspectives. We initiated a new Ladies Night tonight... Zoom-style.

We laughed. Caught up. Yeah, cried. And it was weird not to be able to take hands or give hugs or scrunch up next to each other on couches, but it did still make me SO grateful that we have the ability to see and hear our loved ones. Multiple loved ones at once!

Too bad about all those other downsides of technology.

Morning temperature: 97.5

Evening temperature: 98.3

General mood: Grateful. Mostly.


  1. YAY! So good to see your Ladies Night making the transition. SO important! Keep nurturing yourself :-) since you are already doing such a great job with others!


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