Quarantine Chronicles, Day 6: Kind of a Big News Day

Like our new sign?

Well, it's official: Governor JB Pritzker announced that as of Saturday night, all residents of Illinois are ordered to shelter in place until April 7. So it seems that my CDC 14-day quarantine is basically getting a two-week extension... which means not a big, jarring shift for me.


The reality of how serious this whole COVID-19 situation is seems to finally be sinking in for more folks. It's so strange; if you told me a few months ago that in the spring of 2020, we would all be ordered to stay in our homes other than for essential errands and that all schools and parks and libraries and coffee shops and bars and EVERYTHING would cease to function in order to try to stop a global pandemic from wreaking havoc on our population... I would have asked if you were pitching me on your dystopian novel.

It's really happening, though - and in some ways, adjusting to the new (hopefully temporary) normal really hasn't been that hard on me. Maybe it means I'm even more introverted than I thought; maybe it's because on some bone-deep level, I get the importance of social distancing and believe it will make a difference; maybe it's because all of us are more adaptable than we assume.

Having the internet helps, of course. I miss going to my favorite coffee shops, hugging my favorite friends, taking my kiddo to her favorite places - but we're not truly cut off from society. We know how all our loved ones are doing. And we're fortunate that other than some job losses and general anxiety (not to underplay either of those things), pretty much everyone in our orbit is doing well.

It's almost possible to forget how dire the situation out there is - until I fall down the rabbit hole again, reading article after article and hoping that other states (or the $%^!#& federal government) follow our governor's lead, and California's lead, and Colorado's lead... so that this can be a strange challenging stretch of history, and not become an actual dystopian nightmare.

And then I got word that the second book in my dystopian trilogy is a finalist in the Foreword Reviews INDIE Book Awards.

Which would normally be, like, a big deal.

Except celebrating a dystopian novel from actual dystopia seems weird.

This evening brought a bit of focus back to what really matters, though. Our family, across a half-dozen households, gathered for a virtual Shabbat in the early evening. We lit candles, blessed wine and bread, remembered the importance of rest. Of hitting pause on our busy lives.

(Hitting pause on our busy lives feels like what this legally-categorized "Act of God" is enforcing globally right now.)

Then Danny, the kiddo, and I ate the dinner I made for us. Tonight it was vegetarian shepherd's pie, which was delicious. After the kiddo was in bed, Danny and I played a board game. Not an online game with our friends, although a lot of that has been happening lately - we played Horrified, a monster-game that can be played as a two player game.

Today I truly felt like a Quaranqueen. (Although when I used that as my name in an online game, someone asked it was a reference to the Qur'an. Um, no. But now this nice Jewish girl is a little too worried about appropriation to just throw that nickname around, even though it really does roll off the tongue.) It was a good end to a weird week.

Who knows what the next week will bring?

Morning temperature: 98.5

Evening temperature: 98.1

General mood: Anticipatory.


  1. Wow! We also had shepherd's pie for Shabbat dinner- not vegetarian, though. So far, Princess loves our home-based social distancing, and Dad thinks the eat-at-home thing is FANTASTIC.

  2. Mazel tov on being a finalist!!!


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