Quarantine Chronicles, Day 7: Working Yard or Yardly Working


Didn't really feel like the weekend, though.

We slept in (that means we were in bed until about 8 AM... with a toddler and a dog, "sleeping in" means anything past seven). I made French toast, we ate breakfast, then we blasted show tunes and I stress-cleaned the kitchen.

The kitchen has not been this clean since move-in.

We had a call with our friends Benedikt and Karine in London, and compared notes on whose country's leadership was bungling Coronavirus responses the most (spoiler alert: it'sours). After that, Danny had work to do, still, so he went in the basement to take some business calls. The kiddo and I went outside and raked the yard, because why not stress-clean outside, too?

It was good to spend over an hour outside, though, and there's something therapeutic about raking. Something therapeutic that later leaves your back needing therapy, but whatever.

I keep feeling like I should have something more profound to say, some keen insights I'm gleaning from a full week of social isolation and immersing myself in the realities of living in a global pandemic. Every once in awhile I get choked up for no evident reason. Sometimes a deep thought washes over me, but then recedes. The truth is that rather than diving into emotions, I am going through the motions.

Raking leaves.

Taking walks.

Cleaning my living room while the kiddo napped.

Seriously my living room never looks this good, and no one can come over to see it! Curses.

I should be writing, but when I pull up the projects I was so eager about a week ago, I just feel a dull sense of dread. It's like somehow my writing, more than anything, raises big fears about what's next. Why revise this book if it might never find readers? Why finish this new novel if the world might be ending? The more anxious, irrational thoughts crowd my mind when I try to let the muses in.

So today, at least, I gave up on forcing myself to write. I'll try again tomorrow.

For now?

After a few more Zoom experiences this evening (including Havdallah with some college friends... weird!), we ordered in from a local Mexican restaurant to support local businesses while also contributing through Grubhub's community fund. The rest of my evening plans? Enjoy my super clean house and all the Schitt's Creek I can handle before passing out.

Love y'all.

Morning temperature: 98.0

Evening temperature: 97.3

General mood: More motion than emotion.


  1. I wish stress-cleaning was a thing for me. I will work on it. Meanwhile, I've just about got my classes into total-online adaptation.

    Stress-cleaning could also be a workout for me!

  2. Actually, regarding the lethargy you mention about forward-thinking work- like your writing- that has been a problem for me with prepping for classes. That "what's the point" feeling has sometimes been overwhelming. The responses I'm getting from my students has helped somewhat.

  3. Before we pass out, it’s been “Grace and Frankie”


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