Quarantine Chronicles, Day 9: I'm Not Stress Baking, YOU'RE STRESS BAKING

Just kidding.

We're all stress baking.

Here are the cookies I forgot to mention making this weekend.

Here is an incomplete list of all the things I've cooked/baked/concocted over the past nine days:

  • Chocolate chip cookies
  • Homemade horchata
  • Rice pudding (using rice leftover from horchata)
  • Thai peanut veggie stir fry
  • Cabbage casserole
  • Vegetarian shepherd's pie
  • Grilled Beyond sausage with peppers and onions
  • Many salads
  • Asparagus lemon soup
  • Potato hash with eggs
  • French toast
  • Stuffed green peppers
Anyway. The workweek has begun again, which means eight hours of WORKITY WORK-WORK today followed by more cooking and cleaning because quarantine is making me boring.


Some interesting things are underway.

Not the least of which is the fact that I did a little actual writing (YES).

Also planning to make some cauliflower chickpea curry tomorrow, so hey - PARTY AT MY PLACE! Except no one's invited, haha social distancing amirite!

Morning temperature: 97.9

Evening temperature: Haven't taken it yet but it's going to be somewhere between 96.8 and 98.5

General mood: Well-fed, if nothing else.


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