Dayeinu In The Time of COVID-19

Dayeinu: Enough.

If we had only done our part and stayed home to slow the spread, dayeinu.

If we only wash our hands for 20 seconds and can't remember all the hip new songs we're supposed to sing while doing so, dayeinu.

If we only had one post-work Zoom call to socialize onscreen, dayeinu.

If some days we manage to educate our children, but ALL days we manage to keep them fed, dayeinu.

If we put on real pants more than twice a week, dayeinu.

If we stave off the creeping anxiety long enough to binge a Netflix show or experiment with some fancy new recipe or download Duolingo and tell ourselves we're finally going to learn that language dangit!, dayeinu.

If we made even one special Passover dish when we cannot invite guests to celebrate with us, dayeinu.

If we only cry out that freedom is essential for all people, and acknowledge our dissatisfaction with the imperfect world we live in, dayeinu.

If we do something productive with our frustration, dayeinu.

If we are still here, still seeking connection, still flattening the curve, still frustrated, still hopeful, still breathing... dayeinu, dayeinu, dayeinu.

May your holiday bring you the meaning you seek, or at least some comforting matzo ball soup.



  1. Wonderful and beautiful and comforting thoughts. Thank you. Love you.

  2. Missing you so much. Thankful for the shared seder.

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